I decided to start this blog to categorize and archive my thoughts and journey as I venture out into the mountains.  My journey started last year after joining King County Search and Rescue with no hiking experience except for a few day hikes, no mountaineering experience, and no backpacking experience. Armed with the gear, I went on hikes, hikes lead to microspikes, microspikes led to snowshoes, snowshoes lead to crampons, and crampons led to Mt Rainier, Mt Adams, Mt Baker, Glacier Peak, Mt St Helens, Eldorado Peak, and so much more.  While last year was incredible and I began my climbing “career”, this year I started my Intermediate Climbing Program with the Mountaineers, which is a great organization, where I’ll learn advanced glacier techniques, self rescue, traditional “trad” climbing, and ice climbing. I’m excited to learn what this year brings and where I’ll go from here. Until then!

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