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Books (* = BUY)
Freedom of the Hills 9 by the Mountaineers*
Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue by the Mountaineers*
Rock Climbing by the Mountaineers (Okay book)
Advanced Rock Climbing by the Mountaineers (Again, just okay)
Alpine Climbing by the Mountaineers
Ice and Mixed Climbing by the Mountaineers
Training for the New Alpinism
Climbing Anchors by John Long (Amazing book if you’re going to trad!)*
More Climbing Anchors by John Long
Rock Climbing Anchors by the Mountaineers
Self Rescue by Falcon Books*
Climbing Self Rescue by the Mountaineers
Extreme Alpinism by Mark Twight
The Mountain Guide Manual by Falcon
Rock Climbing: The AMGA Single Pitch Manual by Falcon

Glacier Travel Videos
Texas Prusik:
Tying into the End of The Rope:
Tying into the Middle of the Rope:
Crevasse Rescue Part 2:
Self Arrest:
Using Crampons:
Body Belay:
Buried Ice Axe Belay:
Ice Axe Self Belay:
Snow Bollard:
Cutting Steps:
Cutting a Stance:
Ice Axe:
2-Person Crevasse Rescue:
Short Roping:
Ice Axe Boot Belay:
Carabiner Ice Axe Belay:

Rock Climbing Videos
AMGA Videos:
Climbing Anchors:
Multi-Pitch Book:
Munter Rappel:
Full Belay Escape:
Swapping Leads:
Extended Rappel:
Coil a Rope:
Climbing Anchors:

Climbing Technique
Climbing Videos:
More Climbing:
Basic Rock Climbing:
Basic Moves:
Intermediate Moves:
Rock Climbing Technaiue:

Seattle BBC:
Rob Busacks Intermediate Blog:
Glenmore Lodge Videos:
Standard Techniques:
AMGA Videos:
Freedom 9 Review Forum:

Gear Guide:
Rob Busack’s Gear Guide: